VNH5019 30A Dual High Power DC Motor Driver Shield Compatible with ARDUINO (Environmental Protection) VNH2SP30 upgrade


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Two channel VNH5019:

VNH5019 dual motor driver shield can be easily inserted into Arduino various compatible controllers, such as the commonly used Arduino UNO R3 and so on. The shield uses ST's VNH5019 driver chip, and its operating voltage is from 5.5V to 24V, each way to provide 12A current up to 30A peak current, which can be described as Hummer DC motor driver board. The entire board uses SMD surface mounted components, with the features of small size and light weight, which can easily control two bi-directional and high-power DC motors through the Arduino control. Onboard with pull-up resistors, protective resistance and reverse battery protection of FET, the shield is by default IO interface, easy to use, furthermore, its performance and power are greatly beyond the L298 series driver used by beginners.

2.Specification of Pin
Operating voltage range: 5.5V- 24V
Driver chip: VNH5019
Drive channel: 2-way
Single channel continuous output current value: 12A
Single channel maximum output current: 30A
Current detection: 0.14 V / A
Maximum PWM frequency: 20KHZ
Reverse voltage protection mode is available


One channel VNH5019:

The main parameters are as follows:
Working voltage 5.5V~24V
Output current: 12A working current (maximum current up to 30A)
Compatible with 3V input
PWM frequency up to 20Khz, can drive ultrasonic and silent motor
The current sensor is proportionally output according to the motor current (140mV/A and works only when the H-bridge is driven)
The motor indicates an LED that indicates the output status when there is no motor connection.

Protective function:

Reverse voltage protection -16V

Input voltage 41V, no damage

Overvoltage protection

Upper and lower bridge thermal shutdown

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